Permanent Registration – You must send your ancestral background puppy paper along with 2 color pictures of your dog and $10.00 to the Registrar. The person who sold you the dog must sign the paper. You will get back a six generation background of your dog. You must be a current member to permanently register a dog. Membership fees are $20.00 per year. Your Membership will entitle you to that years yearbook. Lost your papers? To reissue lost papers you must submit a color photo and a $10.00 fee. Mail all registration and membership fees along with papers to:


OMCBA Registrar

Judy Poore

2475 Banner Springs Road

Jamestown, TN 38556


Transferring A Dog

If you have a paper with a gold seal on it and you sell that dog, the person who buys it needs to transfer the dog into their name. The seller of the dog must sign the paper on the back where it says Seller’s Signature. It is the sellers responsibility to tell the buyer that they must be a current member in the OMCBA to transfer or register a dog.


Litter Registration

The owner of the sire must sign and fill out the sire portion of the litter form. The owner of the dam must sign and fill out the dam portion of the litter form. $5.00 per puppy must be sent to the registrar along with the color and sex of each puppy. On the back of the litter registration form are the Breed Standards that must be followed. Your membership must be current to register a litter of puppies. The owner of the dam will receive one ancestral background paper for each puppy in the litter. Puppies must be Litter Registered before they are 6 Months Old!